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August 21 - 27, 2006
McMaster University
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T1 VDM++ Tutorial
Peter Gorm Larsen Affiliation: Engineering College, Aarhus, Denmark
August 21, 2006 Time: 9:00-12:30, 1/2hr break at 10:30
Location: ITB 225
Half-day (afternoon), mainly powerpoint with interactive use with tool support
Handouts (also to be made available in printed form) and Slides


This is a tutorial about the object oriented extension to the ISO standardized VDM-SL notation called VDM++. The tutorial will provide an introduction to the VDM++ concepts and its basic notation will be illustrated using industrially inspired examples from a book on VDM++ from 2005 (Validated Designs for Object-oriented Systems by John Fitzgerald, Peter Gorm Larsen, Paul Mukherjee, Nico Plat and Marcel Verhoef). Tool support including a round-trip engineering capability for UML using Rational Rose will also be demonstrated. Finally future directions that could become reality will be discussed.


By the end of this tutorial the attendees should have insight into the capabilities of the VDM++ technology (the language and its supporting tools called VDMTools). They should be able to grasp rather complex examples expressed in VDM++. In case you consider giving a university course on using formal methods lite attending this tutorial will enable you to reuse course material publically available for VDM++, VDMTools and UML.


Participants should have a basic understanding of object-oriented principles from either an object-oriented programming language, specification language or UML. It is an advantage if the participants have seen model-based formal description techniques in advance but it is not necessary.

Biography of Tutor:

Dr Peter Gorm Larsen is Associate Professor in Computer Technology and Embedded Systems at the Engineering College, Aarhus, Denmark. He is also a visiting lecturer at University of Newcastle upon Tyne and works as an independent consultant.

Peter is an authority on system modelling, and particularly the Vienna Development Method. Alongside research on VDM’s foundations, he has pioneered the development of industrial-strength tool support for model-oriented specification languages, latterly heading the group that developed the IFAD VDMTools(R) products. He has developed and delivered many courses in applicable formal methods. He was co-author with John Fitzgerald of "Modelling Systems: Practical Tools and Techniques in Software Development" and continues to collaborate closely, for example on object-oriented design using formal techniques. Until recently, he was Chief Business Solution Architect with Systematic Software Engineering A/S, a leading software development company based at Aarhus in Denmark.